CCCAA playing rules for soccer regular conference games

These rules apply to all Junior College matches. (Do Not Use NCAA Playing Rules.)

4.2.9 SOCCER
A. All conference competition contests shall be played under current Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Laws with the following modifications:

  1. Unlimited substitutions are permitted and shall be made only during the following: kickoffs, goal kicks, your own throw-ins, your own corner kicks, cautions (yellow cards), injuries, or any time the other team substitutes.

  2. An unlimited number of players are permitted on the team roster. For soccer, all disqualifications (including those not covered under Bylaw 4) are subject to a one (1)-game suspension.

  3. A game shall include two (2) 45-minute halves.

  4. Once an official halts play due to an injury, the attending medical personnel will assume authority regarding the disposition of the injured player.

  5. Referees shall show yellow and red cards issued to coaches for misconduct.

  6. The center official is required to notify both coaches as to the amount of stoppage time added for both halves

  7. If a game is suspended prior to the 70th minute and cannot be resumed, it shall be deemed a no-contest. If the contest occurs during post-conference competition, the contest shall be rescheduled for the following day as a new contest. If a game is suspended after the 70th minute and cannot be resumed, the score at the time of suspension stands as the final score. Exception: if this contest occurs during post-conference competition and is a tie-score at the time of the suspension, that contest shall continue on the following day resuming play at the point (time and score) of the contest suspension. (Adopted 4/5/12 effective 7/1/12) (Adopted & effective 11/16/12)

  8. That provisions for teams, including water, benches, and canopies (when provided for the home team) shall be in place at least one (1) hour prior to game time. (Adopted 4/5/12 effective 7/1/12)

  9. Any player(s), coach(s) or other bench personnel who has received a total of five cautions in one season shall be suspended and shall not participate in the next regularly scheduled game, including postseason games. Three additional cautions shall result in an additional one-game suspension. Each two additional cautions shall result in another one-game suspension. If the total is reached in the final regular-season game of the season, the player(s), coach(s) and/or bench personnel shall not participate in the first postseason game and/or the first regularly scheduled game of the next season if his/her team does not participate in postseason play. (Adopted 3/28/19 effective 7/1/19)

There is No Overtime for regular season games.