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Welcome to the West Coast Intercollegiate Soccer Officials AssociationTerm (WCISOA), the Northern California Chapter of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association-> Site on Sunday, April 26th, 2015.

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AssignorTerry Broderick
What's New!

2015 AGM/Clinic/Fun Run
May 16, 2015
Las Positas College, Livermore, CA 94550

Parking is enforced on weekends, machines will take cash or cards - $2.
The field will be open at 7AM for warmup for the Fun Run.
Fun Run will be on the synthetic field next to the gym.
Fun Run begins at 8AM.
Bring the signed Medical Release form.

Clinic 10-3PM.
WCISOA will supply lunch.
The meeting will be in Room 2420.
Go here for a map: More


There will be two Fun Runs offered in the North Bay
Santa Rosa Junior College track
1501 Mendocino Ave
Santa Rosa

Sunday, May 31, 2015, 8:00AM
Saturday, June 20, 2015, 8:00AM

Bring running shoes for the track and cleats for the grass field.
Be sure to bring your signed Medical Release form.
Arrive early enough to allow for warm up.

RSVP to North Bay Rep, David Frazer More


The 2014-2015 Comparative Guide for NCAA Rules/NFHS Rules/FIFA LOTG is available as a pdf file. It lists most differences between FIFA/NCAA/NFHS Rules (Laws). It reflects the status as of January 2014. It is available on NISOA.COM and you can view it at REFEREE:Forms or ASSESSORS:Forms More


The NCAA Soccer Rules Committee has agreed with the interpretation that drones may not be used to monitor or record intercollegiate soccer games because they are not considered to be the type of "electronic device" contemplated by Rule 12.14.2, which permits enhanced communication between members of the on-site coaching staff. More


The 2014-2015 NCAA Soccer Rulebook is available under Referee:Forms or Assessor:Forms. It can also be downloaded from>> More



NCAA DIVISION I: Arrive at the game site a minimum of one hour before the schedule kickoff time. Upon the crew's arrival, notify the home school's game management staff that you are on site. Field inspections are mandatory and the every member of the crew is expected to be in a NISOA uniform and on the field 30 minutes prior to the schedule kickoff time.

NCAA DIVISION II and III/NAIA: Arrive at the game site a minimum of 45 minutes before the schedule kickoff time. Upon the crew's arrival, notify the home school's game management staff that you are on site. Field inspections are mandatory and every member of the crew is expected to be in a NISOA uniform and on the field 30 minutes prior to the schedule kickoff time.

COMMUNITY COLLEGE JC: Arrive on the field a minimum of 30 minutes before the schedule kickoff time. Field inspections are mandatory. These games use the FIFA Laws of the game with the modifications posted on this web site. NISOA uniforms and badges are required.


Rules for Community Colleges

CCCAA playing rules for soccer regular conference games.
These rules apply to all Junior College matches.
(Do Not Use NCAA Playing Rules.)

4.2.8 SOCCER
A. All conference competition contests shall be played under current Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) laws with the following modifications:

1. Unlimited substitutions are permitted and shall be made only during the following: kickoffs, goal kicks, your own throw-ins, your own corner kicks, cautions (yellow cards), injuries, or any time the other team substitutes.
2. An unlimited number of players are permitted on the team roster. For soccer, all disqualifications (including those not covered under Bylaw 4) are subject to a one (1)-game suspension.
3. A game shall include two (2) 45-minute halves.
4 Once an official halts play due to an injury, the attending medical personnel will assume authority regarding the disposition of the injured player.
5. Referees shall show yellow and red cards issued to coaches for misconduct.
6. The center official is required to notify both coaches as to the amount of stoppage time added for both halves.

There is No Overtime for regular season games. More


NISOA has just put out a new "NCAA Timers Instruction Sheet".
It is available on the NISOA web site or it can be downloaded from More


Pacific West Conference

Pacific West Conference games are listed on two web sites. All games must be Accepted/Declined on both web sites.

If you are assigned a home match for 1) Academy of ART, 2) Dominican University, 3) Holy Names University, or 4) Notre Dame De Namur, you will be assigned on WCISOA.ORG and on the ArbiterSports/California Collegiate Referee site. You must confirm on both.
The Pac West Commissioner requires that all assigned officials have a photo on the site which shows a clear picture of your face, please take care of this. More


NCAA Soccer Central Hub

All officials should routinely check NISOA.COM and the NCAA Soccer Central Hub via ArbiterSports. Updated information and video training are posted on a regular basis. NCAA Hub has information about recent protests. Improper overtime procedures and improper mechanics on fighting red card.
Please review the summary on NCAA Hub carefully More


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"The College Pitch" Vol.2, the occasion WCISOA Newsletter is available under Referee:Forms More